What is the Real Cost of Open Positions?

As a talent sourcing company we believe these should go hand-in-hand


We make timely, professional business introductions putting great businesses and people together for mutual gain.

“Functionally, there isn’t much difference between introducing people or companies to each other. In our effort to add greater value to our client-side representation services, we have evolved from just being a recruiting company. We are also helping clients make important new business connections with each other, thereby purveying exciting new growth opportunities for them as well. In the process, we create more recruiting opportunities. That makes our business model more appealing.” 

International Search Partners offers a growth services resource for companies seeking advantage through new business development, in the private and federal markets, as well as through specialized talent acquisition.

Our business philosophy is very simple. We partner with highly successful companies, who want a competitive edge through the introduction of important new strategic partners and who need creative and professional recruiting, to help them attract the best talent to achieve their revenue goals. We give them that edge!

We also work with companies to reduce their biggest cost overall and that is the reduction of critical positions left unfilled, or to confidentially replace key personnel where necessary to enable them to fully realize their growth plans and revenue goals.

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