How We Work

Offering customized Talent Acquisition Solutions tailored for your specific needs.

How We Work:

Our business is professional, direct marketing, client-side representation, as opposed to the contingency candidate brokering offered by other recruiting firms. We work on search assignments for client companies who need professional representation, and who are interested in having us directly source the people they need to grow their business. We help our clients identify, attract, interview and hire only top performers in the heat treat industry.


Fee Structure:

We offer our clients two options for engaging our services.

Option 1 – 

Under the first option, we keep our eyes open for someone with the qualifications you outline. When we come across a candidate who appears to be a fit, we present you with their profile and details of their background and help you arrange interview(s) and coordinate all the appropriate steps in the hiring process.

Because we deal specifically in the heat treat industry, we are always running across various types of resumes and candidates in our daily routines who have industry experience. Under this option, we would simply add you to the list of clients who are looking for a particular type of candidate, and keep our eyes out for anyone who meets your requirements. This option tends to work best for companies who have a specific opening that needs to be filled, but for which there is no time frame required and the sense of urgency is relatively low. We make a lot of placements under this scenario, and our fee is only due upon completion of a successful hire of one of our referrals.

Option 2 – 

The second option is ideally suited for companies with urgent or critical hiring needs. Under this scenario, we would clear our desks and work exclusively on your search for the period of about two weeks. During this time, we would proactively reach out to and speak with 50-100 people who meet your qualifications. We would directly market your opportunity, contacting prospective candidates who may not be actively looking, but who may become intersted when approached. Typically, this results in 2-5 qualified, motivated candidates, within your salary range and who are able to relocate if necessary, to present for interviews.

Option 2 works best for clients who have a dedicated time frame for when a position needs to be filled and who cannot wait to see what might shake out from “keeping our eyes open…” This requires an upfront engagement fee to ensure 2 weeks of exclusivity and right of first refusal on qualified candidates, in addition to our placement fee, which is only due upon completion of a successful hire of one of our referrals.


Average Time to Completion:

We generally allow 60-90 days from search engagement to hire. This can sometimes be much quicker for more standard positions, or take a bit longer for more specialized opportunities. If we are getting limited interest from our marketing efforts on behalf of a client, we will engage them in discussions early on to debug the process.



In the unlikely event that an employee we place leaves or is terminated for cause before our client has received an appropriate return on investment for the hire, we handle the situation by asking ourselves, 1) Is there is anything we could have done differently to predict this outcome? 2) If we could have predicted this outcome, is there anything we could have done differently to prevent it? and 3) Is there anything we did, or failed to do, that caused this outcome?

With this as the basis of our guarantee, we will always stand by our service 100%. This makes our guarantee stronger and more realistic than what is typically presented as recruiting industry standard.

In other words, if we make a mistake, we will own it and make it right, regardless of any arbitrary timeline.