How We Work

We give you options so that you can choose what works best for you!

How We Conduct Business:

Our business is professional direct marketing, client-side representation, as opposed to contingency candidate brokering. We work on business development and recruiting assignments for client companies who need professional representation. We represent clients who are interested in having us source companies and people they need to grow their business. On our recruiting side, we also help them interview and hire the most experienced and talented candidates in their industry. Our clients choose between one of two options: contingency or retained search.

►Contingency Search

We will keep our eyes open for someone with the qualifications you outline. If we come across any candidates who appear to be a fit, we will send over their resumes and schedule phone interviews.

We deal specifically in the heat treat industry and are always running across resumes and candidates in our daily routine so we would simply add you to the list of clients who are looking for a particular type of candidate. This option works best for clients who need a specific position filled but there is no time frame required, more of an open-ended scenario. This works great for us and we make a lot of placements under this scenario.

►Retained Search

We will clear our desks and work specifically for you for about two weeks. We would speak with 75-100 people in the heat treating industry, directly marketing your opportunity, confidentially, to them. This usually results in 2-4 qualified, motivated candidates, within your price range, who are able to relocate if necessary. This works best for clients who have an urgent need and cannot wait to see what might shake out from “keeping our eyes open.”

Working under a Retained agreement, the client receives a right of first refusal on all business opportunities or candidates who are identified during that search. If the client is not interested in a particular candidate, we are then free to present that candidate to other companies at our discretion.


Our Fee Structure:

Our fees are generally based on two components – active client-side representation and successfully completed assignments for specific sourcing of business opportunities that might include investors, venture partners, and staffing as specific permanent or contract employees. When clients retain us, or hire us on contract, they want performance within a specified time period. This requires us to commit our time and resources to them exclusively on a daily basis. Contract Search for business development and Contract Search for recruiting, as committed client projects, both require an initial investment because time and material costs are associated with starting up and conducting any search assignment.

Generally, Retained or Contract Search pricing works as follows:

► Retained Recruiting Search – An agreed upon percentage of a candidate’s annual compensation as our final fee. We require a retainer of $5,000 to start the project. After placement we bill the balance due on the start date of a successful hire. Retained Search is usually reserved for time critical situations, a sudden important vacancy, the need to work confidentially to replace someone, or the Client has identified specific individuals they want us to attract for them. We guarantee right of first refusal for the Client on all candidates identified. We work until we complete the assignment successfully.

► Contingency Recruiting Search – We designate a block of time daily to represent your company on a variety of open positions. Our assignment is to fill as many of these as possible, within the contract period. An agreed upon percentage of a candidate’s annual compensation as our final fee.

 Business Development Retained Search – An agreed upon success payment is our final fee. We require a retainer to start the project and bill monthly against an open invoice. After completion we bill the balance due. Business Development Retained Search is performed for companies looking for investment partners, joint ventures, strategic alliance partners and other business development services. We work until we complete the assignment successfully.

► Contingency Placement – We present candidates to companies we have strong relationships with, where we recognize a candidate’s potential for strong career growth. We make recommendations to candidates and if interested, we contact these companies who have positions available that fit the candidate’s skills and background. No initial deposit is required but the candidates are submitted at our discretion. The contingency fee is only due upon start date of a successful hire.


Average Completion Time On A Search Assignment:

We generally allow 30-60 days to produce finalists for a Retained Search, or Contingency Search, for either business opportunities or staffing. If we are getting limited interest from our marketing efforts on behalf of a client for either business opportunities or candidates on a position we are recruiting for, we will engage the Client Company in discussions early on to debug the process.



If, in the unlikely event an employee we place with your organization leaves or is terminated for cause before you have received an appropriate return on your investment in them, ISP handles the situation in this manner:

1st: We ask ourselves was there anything we could have done to predict in advance this particular outcome? We ask the same of our client.

2nd: If we could have predicted this outcome, is there anything we could have done to prevent it?

3rd: If we could not predict it, or prevent it, was there anything we did or failed to do that caused this outcome, sins of omission or commission?

With this as the basis or our guarantee, if at any time an employee we place is terminated for cause or leaves prematurely, we will review with you the specific circumstances. If it is agreed between us that we (meaning the recruiter) should have been able to predict, prevent, or if there was something we failed to do to create this outcome, then we will make it right. We will replace the employee. This is a guarantee that focuses on our capability and willingness to complete a successful recruiting and selection process. This is exactly where the focus should be placed and therefore, our guarantee is stronger and more realistic than what is typically presented in written form as an industry standard. In other words, it means we will own our own problems. If we make a mistake, we own the mistake and we will make it right, regardless of timeline.